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Investment Portfolios

Daily interest
Total profit
53 %
Total return
Daily Plan
This investment plan runs for a term of 34 business days. The daily interest rate for this plan is 4.5%, which is paid from Monday through Friday. These payments apply to all deposits, regardless of how much a customer deposits. During the 34-day term, customers should expect 34 payment days. As such, by the time of expiry, total payments for this plan could amount to as much as 153%. This amount equates to a net profit of 53%, as this plan includes the customer’s principal. Upon expiry, interest payments will cease unless the customer chooses to invest further.
Min-Max Withdrawal
1$ - No Limit
Min-Max Deposit
25$ - No Limit
Payment Days
Mon - Fri
Daily interest
Total profit
12 %
Total return
Fixed Plan
The second investment plan is less profitable, but has the advantage of paying customers the targeted profits much faster. Customers will receive a return of exactly 112%, even on non-business days. In order to participate in this plan, we require the same $25 minimum deposit to join. The investment plan runs for a term of 12 calendar days. On the expiry of the term, customers receive a 112% return on their investment, including principal. In other words, at the conclusion of the term, customers can expect to have their initial investment returned, plus an additional 12% in profit.
Min-Max Withdrawal
1$ - No Limit
Min-Max Deposit
25$ - No Limit
Payment Days
Mon - Sun
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