This page is designed as a resource for those looking for various distributions, withdrawals, transfers and rollovers forms. We can not guarantee that all forms listed on this page are current. However, we do ask that if you find a form that is not current and you receive a copy from that company, kindly forward the form and we can update our system.

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Allianz Distribution
Allianz Systematic Withdrawal
American Century 403b Distribution Form
American Funds IRA Distribution
AVIVA Distribution
AVIVA Systematic Withdrawal
AXA Equitable TSA Transfer/Exchange/Rollover
AXA Equitable 1035 Exchange Form
AXA Equitable Disbursement Request
Fidelity Distribution Rollover Form
Fidelity & Guaranty Life 403b Withdrawal
Fidelity Security Life (FSL)
First Investors 403b Transfer
Franklin Templeton 403b Distribution
General American Rollover/Withdrawl Surrender
Great American Surrender Request Form
Great West Klein ISD 457 Distribution
Guardian Annuity Withdrawal
Hartford IRA Distribution Request
Horace Mann Withdrawal Request
Industrial Alliance 403b Distribution
Industrial Alliance 403b Transfer Rollover
*ING name changed to VOYA Financial
ING (VOYA) Retirement Withdrawal Form
ING (VOYA) Non Retirement Withdrawal Form
ING (VOYA) Loan Request
ING (VOYA) ReliaStar Withdrawal Request
ING (VOYA) ReliaStar Outgoing Rollover/Transfer
Lincoln Financial Distribution
Lincoln Financial Systematic Withdrawal
LSW 403b Distribution
LSW 457 Distribution
LSW IRA Distribution
MetLife 403b Withdrawal/Rollover
MetLife 403b Transfer Out
Mid America
Monumental Life Rollover Transfer Request
Monumental Life 403b Distribution Request
National Life Group 403b Distribution
National Life Group 457 Distribution
National Life Group IRA Distribution
National Western
New York Life Full Surrender
NFS LLC One-Time Distribution
NFS LLC Systematic Withdrawal
OneAmerica TSA Partial/Full Surrender Request
Oppenheimer 403(b) Distribution
Pacific Life Distribution
Pacific Life Systematic Withdrawal
PlanMember Services 403b Distribution Form
PlanMember Services IAS Agreement Termination
Riversource Distribution
Riversource Systematic Withdrawal
Security Benefits Outgoing Funds IRA Distribution
Security Benefits Distribution
SunAmerica Mutual Funds IRA Distribution
SunLife Withdrawal Request
The Hartford Variable Annuity Surrender
Transamerica TSA Partial/Full Surrender
Transamerica 403b Distribution Request
USAA Rollover and Withdrawal Form
VALIC 403b Transfer Out/Rollover Form
VALIC Rollover/Transfer Form Except 403b
VALIC Systematic Withdrawal
VALIC Cash Distribution Form
Vanguard 403b Distribution Form
VOYA Retirement Withdrawal Form
VOYA Non Retirement Withdrawal
VOYA Loan Request
VOYA ReliaStar Withdrawal Request
VOYA ReliaStar Outgoing Rollover/Transfer
Western National Life IRA Withdrawal
Western National Life 403b Withdrawal
Western National Life 403b Distribution Request
WoodForest Employee Stock Plan Distribution
Zurich American Life (ZAILCO) 403b Transfer
Zurich American Life Transfer to (ZAILCO)
Zurich Non Financial Change Form


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