Utilizing an objective process is crucial to making prudent decisions. The four steps we utilize to help clients fulfill their investment objectives are: 

Organize,  Formalize,  Implement and  Monitor.

ORGANIZING is important to discover where you stand in your current financial planning process. It includes understanding your requirements and making sure your current Investment Policy Statement is in-line with your goals, objectives and risk tolerance. This step is the foundation to building the rest of your plan.

FORMALIZING is the phase in which we decide how your investments should be managed. Developing and Updating the Investment Policy Statement, choosing asset classes, and monitoring constraints are all integral parts of this step.

IMPLEMENTATION is taking action on the decisions made in the formalizing phase. This includes selecting suitable investments, implementing safe harbors, and adhering to your investment strategy.

MONITORING is a continual process of making sure the chosen investments continue to be appropriate for you and reviewing the asset strategies and Investment Policy Statement to ensure they are still relevant. It also includes reviewing your plan to make sure it stays competitive in the market place. This continuous cycle is in place to ensure your assets are efficiently and effectively managed. Your team at Precept Wealth Management takes pride in maintaining constant communication with you in an effort to exceed your expectations.